What to Build On: Practice the Armlocks

Lets keep this simple, stick with the Americana, Kimura, and Armbar armlocks. Thing is, you know how to do them on their own but you don't know how to piece them together to form that bridge. If Jiu Jitsu is a physical language, then all you know are words. Know your grammar and know how to form them into sentences. Know how to see beyond one technique.

You're on cross side, knees tight, body low, your arm lodged against his throat. You see his arm in front of your face and you try to go for a kimura. You must capitalize the moment he shifts his body to defend your kimura technique, and when he does, he'll most likely bring his other arm in front of him to hold onto his arm. If he does, go for that arm and attempt an armbar. If he rolls out, either stay with him in an armbar or attempt an omoplata if possible.

If you're on your back and in control, keep going for techniques. The moment you feel your control is in jeopardy, scramble to your knees/feet or scramble to take him down. Always have a plan.

I'm going to miss you, man. Have a good one in LA. I'll be seeing you soon.


NYC Quote of The Day: I can feel the sweat drop running down into my ass crack. - Man at bus stop.

high of 96 today...


NYC Quote of the day: "STOP CALLING ME, C*CKSUCKER!" - 70 year-old Polski man in Greenpoint on his cell fone. Phone kept ringing afterward.

i hate losing...

i just hate it... if only i could express how deep my heart sank tonight..

.. i was hoping for the day to hold her in my arms, to cover her with kisses, to sing her to sleep, to smile when she shines and to listen when she dulls... i wanted to be the one to bring her hope, happiness, and love....

... i'm happy that she is with someone who has proven himself worthy... since he's alwys been there for her..

.. but yet again, as history repeats itself, i come away with only a broken heart, buckets of tears, and where her heart should be within my palms, you will find lint and cobwebs ...

.. i hate having to be the one on the losing end.. and to note, i lost out to a military guy again.... goddamnit. this makes me angry at myself for some reason. and to fate and to god.

i'm going to try to sleep, and pretend that there's something at the end of this story that's damn well worth seeing... so long reality; here's to hoping that my subconscious will have a better movie for me to watch..

*long sigh*

A heart that sighs has not what it desires.